What Can Be Recycled?

Glass, aluminum and bi-metal cans, tin cans, plastic bottles and newspaper.

Glass – All Colors


  • Rinse – Labels can stay on
  • Remove all metal lids and rings
  • No window glass, light bulbs, pyrex or ceramics
  • Place in container – Do Not Break

Newspaper / Newsprint

Newspaper can be placed in a recycling container or a paper bag, or loosely bundled.

Plastic, Bottles, & Jugs


  • Rinse Well
  • Remove all lids and rings (including plastic caps)
  • Flatten if desired to save space
  • Place in container
  • No motor oil or chemical containers

Residential Yard Waste Collection

Bag your grass clippings, leaves, and tree trimmings and we’ll pick them up for you.

Composting – FREE compost

We compost the yard waste we collect and offer composted mulch back to you FREE. Our compost is useful for gardeners and other agricultural operations.

General Garbage Information

If a holiday falls during the week and your scheduled pick-up is on or after the holiday, pick-up will be one day later for the remainder of the week. The holidays affected are New Years Day, Independence Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day & Christmas.

Garbage / Refuse Preparation

  • Carpet must be cut into 4ft. lengths and bundled
  • Building materials/car parts NOT accepted with regular trash pick-up
  • Freon needs to be removed – proof of removal must be attached (sticker and invoice)
  • Paint must be dried (lids off)
  • Cans / Trash bags should not exceed 45lbs
  • Only 1 bulk item allowed per week

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